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Webz International specializes in logo design for business cards, stationary, web sites and your printed advertisements.

Webz uses the latest technology to develop innovated and creative logos, and graphics for today's business needz.

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Button Gallery


This page offers links to some free sample buttons for you to choose from, there are hundreds of graphic images to select from. The sample buttons on these pages are free for the taking, we would hope that you do not download every image, only take what you need.

Webz has thousands more free images that you can receive FREE!!! by ordering our CD-1, and paying only $ 6.99 Shipping and Handling, that's right, CD-1 is yours FREE..............

Most of the images can be downloaded by clicking on them with your right mouse button, if you are using Netscape or a similar browser then select "Save Picture As" and save the image to your hard drive. Please do not directly link to any graphics on this site.


Large Circo Small Hex
Large Hex Small Oval
Large Oval Small Rectangle
Large Wacko Circle Small Round
Large Wacko Oval Small Round Circo
Misc. Small Square
Rectangle Small Wacko Circle
Round Small Wacko Oval
Disclaimer: Most of the images found in this archive were not created by the webmaster. These images were obtained from a number of sources on the Internet that labeled them as "freely distributable". Some of the authors of these graphics may not approve if the graphics are used commercially. We do not claim ownership to any of the graphics found in this archive and any use of them is at your own risk. If you find any images that may be copyrighted, please e-mail the webmaster so that we may either give you credit for your work, or remove the images from the archive. Please do not link directly to the images that you find in this archive.
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