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Identity Packages

Webz International specializes in logo design for business cards, stationary, web sites and your printed advertisements.

Webz uses the latest technology to develop innovated and creative logos, and graphics for today's business needz.

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Provided below are some answers to some frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us Click Here .


General Questions


Logo Questions




  • Why do you only accept payment from PayPal?
    Answer: PayPal offers one of the safest platforms for online commerce with fraud rates at a fraction of those of typical e-commerce offerings.
    . PayPal offers ease and flexibility, accepting all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), as well as all major debit cards and direct transfers.
    . PayPal offers low merchant rates with no set up or recurring costs.

    Financially, PayPal has shown tremendous business fundamentals:

. PayPal successfully completes over 300,000 transactions per day with over 20 million accounts in 39 countries worldwide.
. PayPal is processing over $18 million in payments per day and has transacted over $10 billion in total payments since launching in 1999.
While virtually all technology companies have languished in these difficult economic times, PayPal has shown tremendous growth.
. PayPal, and its new parent company, eBay (NASD: EBAY), are both profitable.

  • What should I do if I'm not sure what kind of logo I want?
    Answer: This is not a problem. One of the many talents that Webz International exhibits is having the visual identity experts work with you on developing a perfect logo to shape your business identity.
  • How many designs will you send me to choose from?
    Answer: Depending on the Logo package that you select, we will send you 4 or more initial logo designs to start our conversation. Once you review the designs, you will be able to either choose one of them or use these as a basis for further development. If none of these logos do not work for you, Webz will work with you on designing a logo that complements your business.
  • When will I receive initial logo designs?
    Answer: Your initial logo designs will be available for viewing within 3 business days of your initial order


  • How will you deliver my new logo?
    Answer: Your business logo will be e-mailed to you, ftp to your location or if you prefer we can send it to you on a CD
  • Can I use my new logo on my website?
    Answer: Definitely, You will receive Web-ready files (GIF and JPG) various sizes, enabling you to use your logo on your website effortless.
  • Where else can I use my logo?
    Answer: We will provide your logo design in several formats, including vector formats, high-resolution TIFF for print, Web-ready JPG and GIF. We will also deliver you any other files you may need upon your request. You will then be able to use your logo anywhere you need - on stationery, billboards, coffee cups, emails, shopping bags, TV commercials, t-shirts, and much more.
  • Who owns the copyright to my logo?
    Answer: You will receive full ownership rights to your logo upon your payment in full.


  • I Download a Animated Gif image and it does not work (no animation)
    Answer: If you right-click on the main portfolio page the image you are retrieving is a thumbnail and not animated, you need to click on the image you want to download which will open in a new window in a animation state. This is where you should right-click then select Save-As to your local machine


  • What images products can I download for free
    Answer: All the images in the Graphics page can be downloaded for free, these images were not created by Webz International and remain the property of there respective creators. The images located on the Webz Galleries page were created by Webz International and will remain the property of Webz International, you may download any of these images to use on your personal web site. If you are going to use these commercially, you need to contact us for rights, the images in the Webz Collection cannot be resold or offered in any collection without the expressed consent of Webz International


  • Cannot view Website Design pricing links
    Answer: This site does make use of Java Script popups, if you have a popup stopper running some pages will not be shown, we recommend that you allow popups from this site. Webz International does not display annoying popups as you travel through our site, they are only used for site functionality and not pay per click like some sites


  • Cannot download Free Website Templates
    Answer: On the Free Website Templates page, you cannot right click the graphic image of the website, directly below the graphic website image is a link stating "Download.zip" this is the link to the Free Templates


  • What's the difference between the Free Graphics Gallery and the Webz Personal Collection
    Answer: The Free Graphics Gallery is just what it states, these are free images collected from around the web, however the rights of these images are still maintained by the respecctive creators, Webz International maintains no copyrite rights to these images and did not create them. The webz Personal Gallery, is a collection of images created and owned by Webz International and may be used on your personal website only. For commerciall use, you need to contact Webz International for anything not included in the Free Galleries


  • I want to send you an e-mail but I am concerned about my e-mail address being sold
    Answer: We welcome your e-mails and Webz International does not sell or share your personal information. Webz adhere's to a strict privacy policy and will not benifit from your personal information



All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form without the express written permission of the Webz International is strictly prohibited. Copyrights for the animation or image in this collection belong to the Webz International. Animations or images may not be resold, placed on any location where a membership or entrance fee is required to access them, or used on commercial/business web sites (including intranet and extranet sites) without the knowledge and prior permission of Webz International. Directly linking to any animation or image contained at Webz International is strictly prohibited.
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