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Identity Packages

Webz International specializes in logo design for business cards, stationary, web sites and your printed advertisements.

Webz uses the latest technology to develop innovated and creative logos, and graphics for today's business needz.

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Privacy Policy

Webz International, and its affiliates, are deeply committed to protecting the privacy of Internet users. Below is information outlining our continued support for the responsible management of consumer information.

Consumer Information:
During the process of browsing Webz International, we do not collect any personally identifiable information about you such as name, address, phone number, or e-mail address. However, Webz International does obtain some types of non-personally identifiable information such as the Internet Service Provider you use to connect to the Internet, your browser type, or the type of computer operating system you use (Macintosh or Windows, for example). This information collected by Webz International may be used for the purpose of targeting, and measuring ad effectiveness to better serve our customers.

In some cases, you may voluntarily provide personal information in response to a specific ad placed on our site (this ad may ask you to fill out a survey or provide your zip code). If this does occur, Webz International may collect this information. Webz International may combine this information with other users' information and review it in an aggregate form to understand the type of individuals who view specific web pages and web site s..

In the event of serving ads on our web site:
Webz International, as well as most sites on the Internet, may use "cookies" to enhance your experience on the web. Webz International cannot use these cookies to personally identify you in any way. What are cookies and why do we use them? A cookie is a unique number that is provided to you the first time Webz International serves you an ad. This unique number, which is stored in a cookie file on your computer, helps Webz International and any third party companies, target ads to you. This cookie can help Webz International ensure, that we don't serve you the same ad multiple times, and help our advertisers understand what you like and don't like about their offerings so that we can cater better to your needs the next time you are interested in their products or services.

If you do not want the benefit of cookies, there is a simple procedure to manually delete your cookies from your computer. Please consult your web browser's Help documentation for more information.

Additionally, if you subscribe to a newsletter from Webz International, your email address will of course be kept on file, but will not be matched to any other information of any kind such as IP address, cookie information or geographical information.

Any and all information collected about you our "customer", will not be resold to any parties and will remain the private property of Webz International. We do not and will not submit any information to third party spam mailing companies, and honor the privacy of our customers.

All payments made to Webz International will be made through PayPal, and all payment information regarding account numbers, credit histories, etc., will remain the intellectual property of PayPal and not Webz International.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please send them to us. Our continued efforts are to better serve you our customer, and your comments are very helpful to our development.

Thank you,

All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form without the express written permission of the Webz International is strictly prohibited. Copyrights for the animation or image in this collection belong to the Webz International. Animations or images may not be resold, placed on any location where a membership or entrance fee is required to access them, or used on commercial/business web sites (including intranet and extranet sites) without the knowledge and prior permission of Webz International. Directly linking to any animation or image contained at Webz International is strictly prohibited.

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