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Identity Packages

Webz International specializes in logo design for business cards, stationary, web sites and your printed advertisements.

Webz uses the latest technology to develop innovated and creative logos, and graphics for today's business needz.

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Webz Buttons

Rectangle Gradient Black 100x30
Rectangle Gradient Burgundy 100x30
Rectangle Gradient Dark Green 100x30

Rectangle Gradient Olive 100x30


Round Rectangle Gradient Black 80x31
Round Rectangle Gradient Burgundy 80x31
Round Rectangle Gradient Dark Green 80x31

Round Rectangle Gradient Olive 80x31


The Button Sets below include .gif, .jpeg, and .png graphic formats
3D Rectangle Set 143x41
3D Glass Button Set 128x46
3D Glass Button Set 143x46
3D Gel Button Set 143x45
Aqua Style Button Set 143x44
Simple 3D Button Set 143x41



All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form without the express written permission of the Webz International is strictly prohibited. Copyrights for the animation or image in this collection belong to the Webz International. Animations or images may not be resold, placed on any location where a membership or entrance fee is required to access them, or used on commercial/business web sites (including intranet and extranet sites) without the knowledge and prior permission of Webz International. Directly linking to any animation or image contained at Webz International is strictly prohibited.
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